Ever since a very young age as far back as Michael could consciously remember growing up in the Rice Street area of St. Paul, Mn Michael has always had a fascination with being on stage.

Young Mikenosis

Young Mikenosis

At times he thought it could be scary being the center of attention and set up for a certain amount of ridicule. Donating his time putting on a benefit usually booya feeds and proceeds would go to various charities like the American cancer society, kidney foundation, local food shelf or just for someone in need. In every benefit somehow Michael would put on a special event and become the center of attention. Never knowing what he was going to do next.

That same thing today still happens live on stage, you never know what he has planned next. And some times he doesn’t even know until the last minute. In 1999 he saw his first hypnosis show, he was amazed by what he just witnessed. His words were “That’s what I want to do and I want to be the best.”

So training began, starting in Las Vegas and went on to hypnotherapy training to become a certified master hypnotist. In the fall of 2000 he performed his very first private show. He was a nervous wreck shaking with blurred vision and perspiring in the warm sunny evening under the stars.

In February 2001 he approached the owner of JJ’s bowl of North Branch MN, and simply asked if they would be interested in letting him perform his show. After a couple weeks the deal was made. He will perform his very first hypnotic show Live open to the public, the 23rd of February.

He arrived and the parking lot was so full there was no place for even him to park. The Venue was packed it was standing room only all the way to the bathroom doors. It was a hit show.

Growing up I always had a fascination with Elvis, the king of rock and roll.  The fascination was how he grabbed peoples attention and the way of performing his shows. It’s a way of doing business, every show is geared to be better than the last. He will not attempt to perform a bit that someone else has done unless he can twist it and make it better, he does write some of his own bits, as he does this he plays it out like a little movie using his imagination.  The costumes worn on stage are hand sewed from a gal in Montana, although the costume designs mimic some of Elvis style Michael has his own spin the way they need to fit and feel.

One bit that was written by Michael is the signature bit becoming the king of rock n roll, the costumes are designed to with a couple of prop added to his garments on stage brings the subjects back to the fantasy of being on stage with the king of rock n roll. Michael wanted one thing as to be known as the king of hypnotic shows live on stage. If you ever think about a hypnosis show you would remember Michael Colucci.

He noticed one problem, who is going to remember Michael Colucci – let alone trying to spell it. As he thought about it he knew he needed to come up with one name that people will remember and could spell, he came up with “Mikenosis” the king of hypnotic shows.  It is easy to remember and spell, derived from mike and hypnosis.  Go ahead and try googling Mikenosis see if you think its working.

Our show is loaded with props, music and sound effects, this is a premiere show he provides lights sound system and a stage if needed. He has been told he works way to hard and do to much for a show. Mikenosis figures it is pretty hard  to live up to a king but he will do all he can and hopefully will see you live on stage.

Written by
Darlene Merkel