Kimm from Captains on Long Lake in Isanti MN was reluctant in booking a Hypnotic show at Captains, her following words were was I the one that performed for North Branch High School last year? I replied no, 8 yrs ago they hired someone that was half our rate.  She did not know much about hypnosis other than she was a part of the committee for North Branch High School lock in and the hypnotist they had she said she was not at all impressed.   I explained how our show is different the rest it does not mimic everyone else’s. She agreed to try it once and here is what she emailed me  3 days later.

From  Captains on Long Lake – Isanti, MN

It was a lot of fun and I would love to have you back.  We will talk some more after this week and work on setting something up.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!



Michael Colucci “Mikenosis” recently came to our After Prom Party and entertained our very small crowd. I initially was reluctant to hire him because I thought maybe his show was a little to much set back in time because a lot of his clips that were posted on the Internet contained Elvis. I thought maybe his shows were more appropriate for the baby boomer era of fans. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE AT ALL. Mikenosis was very good with the teenagers. He connected with them right away and several of them told me that had a “blast”. I would definitely hire him again for our After Prom Party. He captured the audience as well as the kids he hypnotized. Very Good Show.

Sandy Baumberger
McIntosh South Dakota
After Prom Committee


“The show was great! And the kids enjoyed it very much. It’s all the town could talk about today. Hope you had/have safe travels today. Thank you for coming such a distance to entertain our kids.”

Brooke Wisthoff – Powers Lake, ND. Powers Lake High School